Gail Root

Hi friend! If we haven't met, I'm Gail, a Kingdom Business Coach for women of faith that are called to online business. Welcome to our movement… We are Kingdom Dreamchasers™! My passion is watching YOU get your business aligned with Kingdom values so you can serve, prosper & multiply - at the highest level (then help others to do the same!) My courses and programs turn your perspective on sales and recruiting upside down - allowing you to work smarter, not harder!👏 Some fun background: I like to say I am a recovered network marketing hustler…😅 Yes, I know exactly what it’s like to send all the spammy messages and get lots of no responses!!!🫣🥴 My first “job” in direct sales was 35 years ago - after that she was a kit napper for many years then finally decided to work it like a business… 💥 I was blessed to grow a direct sales team to a million in sales - but what you need to know is when I started out I would’ve told you that others could do that maybe but that was not possible for me! Sound familiar? Today, helping social sellers, coaches and online business women kick the hustle/grind culture to the curb and start building on KINGDOM values - THIS is my passion! 💃🏼👑🙌 I train and coach from experience and gratitude, knowing it is God who has called me and therefore equips me -- He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!! ❤️
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Gail Root
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