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Gail Root on 02/14/2024Nuggets for Your Success!
Gail travels back to share not just the success, but the how and why of the success. In coaching, Gail has found that women are hungry for the how and the why. We are wired to want to understand how to achieve real success and why it matters. Be blessed and encouraged!Want to learn more about Gail's
Gail Root on 02/07/2024Success in Network Marketing
Let's look at success from God's perspective. You are not just a child of God, you are a daughter of the King. Gail has been in the industry of direct sales and network marketing for over thirty years, but now as a Coach to women of faith in this industry she gets a front row seat daily into the str
Gail Root on 01/31/2024*Interview: Anti-Hustle Business Strategy with Lissa Figgins
You are in for a real treat! I have the privilege of interviewing and introducing you to Lissa Figgins, an expert in the "anti-hustle" culture! (Make sure you scroll down for the link to her free gift to you!) As a midlife woman and entrepreneur, Lissa Figgins has a lot on her plate- she's a wife, e
Gail Root on 01/24/2024How To Sell Your Products
Why do women of faith have such a hard time with the concept of "selling"?!! We each "sell" ourselves and others all day long! Join Gail as she shares how selling is not about YOU! It's about the one you are called to serve and bless!Please follow the channel and visit gailroot.com/events to learn w
Gail Root on 01/17/2024Recruit Without The Hustle
The chance to join your company is the greatest "product" you have to offer! Lean in as Gail shares how to look at recruiting from a whole new perspective!!Click FOLLOW for the podcast channel and want to connect? Visit www.gailroot.com/events to learn what monthly live events are coming up. Free Re
Gail Root on 01/10/2024Ditch the Poverty Mindset
Do you find yourself saying things like, "I just want enough to pay the bills!" As if you have been taught that saying THAT is somehow humble or "Christian"?! God is who He says He is. When we believe that AND that we are who He says we are - how you look at your business will change. You will step
#RealTalk- Over 40 Top Kingdom Influencers Speaking to You!
Posted on 09/26/2023
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