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Gail Root on 06/12/2024The Mindsets of a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
Part 2 of 4 in our series. What is a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur? In this episode Gail breaks down the mindsets of a KDE so you can begin to "take inventory" and let the Holy Spirit guide you into the Joy Filled life of a KDE! It's a daily journey of returning to the ONE who has everything we need i
Gail Root on 06/05/2024Traits of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
Hey "hands and feet", how you doing?!What's the difference between an entrepreneur, a Christian entrepreneur, a Kingdom entrepreneur and a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur?! Well listen in!Take note of the traits of a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. Is that you? Are you called? If so, link arms and let's g
Gail Root on 05/29/2024Special Guest, Nicole Roth on Walking in Worthiness
Join our JOY Coach, Nicole Roth, as she shares about the overcoming of shame and how doing so with God, has empowered her to help other women get incredible breakthrough! To connect with Nicole:Faith-first women: join us in the 30 day walking in worthiness challenge where women  in the western world
Gail Root on 05/22/2024The Pain & Solution to Social Media Marketing
I work with online business women everyday. I see firsthand their struggles, frustrations. I see what is working and what is NOT working. Come get some inside scoop on why you might not be where you know you are capable of getting to in your business! Please subscribe. Or better, write a review and
Gail Root on 05/15/2024Fb Group Growth Strategy
First make a decision. Once committed to who you serve, creating a place for her is true servant leadership. Then I will walk you through what you need to do next to create a consistent plan to GROW. Hint: Opposite what the world teaches - I will show you how to create quality so the quantity will c
Gail Root on 05/08/2024You Actually Love Sales!
What? Are you thinking? No I don’t love sales at all. But that’s actually not true. Stop telling yourself that story because it’s keeping you from MORE success. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kdcwithgailroot/message
#RealTalk- Over 40 Top Kingdom Influencers Speaking to You!
Posted on 09/26/2023
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