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Gail Root on 04/10/2024Stand On God's Promises
Want to watch your business start to accelerate? It's really not that hard. It's not about learning more or trying harder. It's about the FOUNDATION you are building on! I will share how some old wounds were keeping me stuck in a busy, striving, "just try harder" (then burnout) phase that just kept
Gail Root on 04/03/2024Special Guest, Natalie Lawson: Rising with Purpose!
Welcome Natalie Lawson to our Kingdom Dreamchasers podcast! Listen in for: New and refresh ideas on "Working from Rest!" Rise to your purpose by partnering with Lord by operating from a Spirit of rest! Natalie is a Kingdom Driven Business strategist and certified leadership coach for women of faith.
Gail Root on 03/27/2024Perseverance - What To Do When It's Hard!
Join me as we learn from our beautiful guest, Kristina Risinger. Kristina will guide us to think higher when times get tough. She walks us through a 1, 2, 3 - easy steps to do when we feel like giving up! Don't miss it.Kristina is a Kingdom author, podcaster and speaker. She encourages Christian wom
Gail Root on 03/20/2024Honoring God in Your Business
Living in daily overwhelm, stress & irritability? I've been there, I get it! But in love, this is how we KNOW we are NOT honoring God. I pray you will lean in and discover that this cycle of stress is NOT what Jesus died to give us. But the good news? He loves us far too much to leave us stuck there
Gail Root on 03/13/2024Unpacking Why We Play Small
Hint: Playing small is one of the most DE-MOTIVATING things you do. It has massive impact on your day and your likelihood of achieving the success that you know, deep down, you are capable of.Why do we play small? After coaching hundreds of women of faith, Gail has found 3 very common culprits to th
Gail Root on 03/06/2024Stop Settling!
Are you living the abundant life in your business or just hoping to make enough to pay the bills? What if you are believing lies that Jesus NEVER intended and they are keeping you from all He has for you! Gail works with hundreds of women in online business to help them AWAKEN to what God is doing
#RealTalk- Over 40 Top Kingdom Influencers Speaking to You!
Posted on 09/26/2023
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