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Gail Root on 11/29/2023Do You Seek Deeper Truths?
Reflection in your business? Things not going as you had hoped? We reflect not to be ashamed, not to fall into self pity or a victim mindset BUT INSTEAD to let God show us the opportunities where we have ROOM TO GROW - He invites us to lean in. Join Gail as she challenges you to deeper revelation th
Gail Root on 11/29/2023Are You Industrious? The Proverbs 31 Woman Sure Was!
She was a business woman. She had multiple streams of income. She was wise far beyond her years. She was skilled, prepared, creative - she was INDUSTRIOUS - resourceful, diligent, trusting, hopeful and so much more. Who is she? The Proverbs 31 Woman. Go seek her out in the Message translation (MSG
Gail Root on 11/15/2023Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude
It’s so easy as kingdom entrepreneurs to remain focused on task after task after task, and forget to pause. We forget to reflect. We forget to be thankful. We forget to acknowledge that every provision that comes our way daily, is from His hand. Lord forgive us for the times when we act like that ch
Gail Root on 11/08/2023Stop The Lie Now!
This lie is so pervasive in Christian culture. Regardless of your faith tradition. The lie that we are here to just endure. We are here to just "hang on" in this sinful, evil world, until Jesus comes again. Go look at what Jesus actually said. He came to bring His kingdom here now! He died to give y
Gail Root on 11/01/2023The Power To Pivot
The Lord has given you the power to pivot. Learning to pivot in a healthy, mature way is essential in your Kingdom journey. The Holy Spirit is there to guide, counsel, direct - we just need to LISTEN and be open, honest and then GET OUR EYES OFF our circumstances and ON THE ONE who has THE WAY OUT!W
Gail Root on 10/25/2023Toxic Temple Series - 5 of 5
Welcome to the wrap up of our Toxic Temple series. Where is the darkness hiding within you when it comes to your temple? Where is God calling you to CHOOSE FREEDOM. What resources might assist you in your journey - lean in as Gail calls us all to the LIGHT, the TRUTH that He died to give us and offe
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Posted on 05/16/2022
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Day 5 - Unlock Your Purpose
Posted on 05/20/2022
#RealTalk- Over 40 Top Kingdom Influencers Speaking to You!
Posted on 09/26/2023
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