Stop The Lie Now!

This lie is so pervasive in Christian culture. Regardless of your faith tradition. The lie that we are here to just endure. We are here to just "hang on" in this sinful, evil world, until Jesus comes again. Go look at what Jesus actually said. He came to bring His kingdom here now! He died to give you abundant life - HERE now! He died so that His Holy Spirit could work through us, and be light, be salt, be truth, be joy, be hope -- to draw others to Him.

The heartbreaking reality? Living this lie of "just endure/hang on until He calls you home" - is that you will have missed perhaps the greatest blessing a believer could ever know, and that’s to feel and to see and to know He’s working through you, impacting others by the power of His Spirit - because of your faith and your yielded heart.

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