*Interview: Anti-Hustle Business Strategy with Lissa Figgins

You are in for a real treat! I have the privilege of interviewing and introducing you to Lissa Figgins, an expert in the "anti-hustle" culture! (Make sure you scroll down for the link to her free gift to you!)

As a midlife woman and entrepreneur, Lissa Figgins has a lot on her plate- she's a wife, empty-nest mom, life coach, podcaster, women’s ministry leader, mentor and friend. At one point life was too busy and she found herself showing up on the outside, but not fully present. Something had to change because it was affecting her faith, her relationships, her work, her wellness, her home… and ultimately her joy. That’s when God showed her the solution to her Busyness NOT in her calendar- it was in the Heart. Now as a Christian Time Management Coach, Priorities Protector, and Recovering Should-do list Girl, she’s the Founder of REDEEM Her Time Coaching and the host of the REDEEM Her Time Podcast. Lissa’s mission is to inspire & equip busy Christian Women Solopreneurs to go from Busyness to Fruitfulness in Midlife + Business And what she loves most is helping women like you discover God really has given you an abundance of time for what you’re called to.

FILL YOUR CUP FIRST Guide + Coaching Video https://redeemhertime.com/